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There are different types of shoes for performing different exercises which will enhance your performance

Shoes are very essential for every exercise to protect your feet’s and to get better grep.

For these types of features I would like to suggest three shoes :

1. CANVAS :  Rubber sole of Comfortable Canvas Slip on Shoes is durable, Quiet and Soft when Exercise on hard surfaces or wet floor it provide high grip so that enhance the comfort while work out. but it is not good enough for protecting from heavy weights from smashes

2. BASKET BALL SHOES : These type of shoes provide complete features while exercising or performing any work out activities. basketball shoes are all time best choice for exercise. Because, it has striped rubber damping sole , provides you with strong ground holding in for performing exercise to boost your performance on the gym and win games. moreover these shoe are usefull for heavy lifting. you can choose any high angled shoes which youre comfortable with.

3. Barefoot Shoes or crossfit shoes : These shoes very flexible in any exercise it will provide complete support to your foot to perform multiple Indoor Activities like gym deadlifts, squats, lifting, treadmill jogging, yoga, spinning bike, rope skipping aerobics, fit ball, hot ball, abdomen back stretch, and working out in general Outdoor Activities – camping, casual walking, training, running, jogging, biking, hiking, climbing, camping, and vacation etc. unique shoe which not familiar in fitness freak but highly recommended. BEST WEIGHT LOSS TECHNIQUE SCIENTIFICALLY. –

comment down more shoes recordation do check my other article thank you for reading.

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