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The latest trend of shoes in youth whom known as sneakers heads , has craziness of shows. Sneakers heads always treat shoes like a jewelry. Sneakers heads are obsessed with shoes and try to best care for shoes for e.g. DJ Khalid carry pillow for his shoes , why not because there are so expensive one should have to maintain shoe and also it has more resell value if it is in good quality. I will provide you some key information to maintain shoes


  1. Organization: Shoe racks make it easier to organize your footwear and locate the shoes you want to wear. This reduce the possibilities misusing and harming your shoes while looking for the right pair.
  2. Air Circulation:Appropriate air dissemination is imperative for the life span of your shoes. Shoe racks normally consider satisfactory ventilation, forestalling dampness development inside the shoes, which can prompt form and scent issues.
  3. Protection from Pets and Children: Shoe racks provide a barrier of protection against potential damage from inquisitive pets or playful children if you have them at home.
  4. Long-Term Preservation: Shoe racks are a safe and organized way to store shoes that you don’t wear often, like collectibles or shoes for special occasions, for a long time without risk of damage.
  5. Seasonal Storage: Seasonal shoe storage can be accomplished with shoe racks. You can neatly store certain kinds of footwear, like summer sandals or winter boots, on a rack when you’re not wearing them.

6. Dust and Dirt Prevention: Shoes are more prone to dirt and dust accumulation when left out in the open. Shoe racks assist with safeguarding your shoes from outside components, saving them cleaner and diminishing the requirement for incessant cleaning.

7. Maintenance Products: Shoe maintenance is very essential for every sneaker head because it increase life spam of shoe and also protect from unwanted bends and marks. once check the link above to get shoe rack which is easily maintained and tuff build and also as there is increase in shoe collection you can add more compartments

CONCLUTION : As there is a great hype of shoes in today market one can collect shoes from various sites as there will be limited stock and by collecting it and maintaining it till the right time as there will high demand of shoes then you can sell from you’re collection if you’re shoes are in good condion then it gain you high profit

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